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Episode 02 - Julie Paul

Episode 02 - Julie Paul

julie paul

Episode 02 - Julie Paul



In this episode, I welcome the brilliant Julie Paul. I have known Julie now for a couple of years and have really felt our friendship and connection blossom. She is a very intelligent, driven and balanced individual and I have learned so much from many conversations (like this one) from her. Our conversation focuses on a number of topics such as:

Self Care: Julie's approaches include being in nature, decluttering, journaling and movement.

Minimalism: Julie has started moving towards living a more minimalist lifestyle which as allowed her massive changes in stress relief and attachment. 

Working with children: Julie's approach to contributing to the growth of children so unique and so positive - we can all take a page out of Julie's book to learn how to instill confidence in children

Mindful Choices: Julie has some great ways of creating more mindful choices when it comes to spending and choosing things to purchase. 

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